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Dental Insurance Accepted

At Premier Walk-In Dental, we never want our patients to feel they need to avoid our office for any reason, but we are especially conscious of the way cost affects our patients’ ability to receive the dental care they need. In fact, a poll conducted by a major dental insurance provider indicated price was the number one reason patients avoided visiting their dentist. We never want cost to stand between our patients and the dental care they need. That’s why our Rockledge dentist and team work hard to help patients maximize their dental insurance coverage, offer clarity of cost, and work with patients to budget for treatments, ensuring the cost of dentistry services aren’t too much for patients to afford. If you want to learn more about dental insurance coverage in our office, please call Premier Walk-In Dental today. We’ll do our best to answer questions over the phone or schedule an appointment for you to visit us in our Rockledge office.

In-Network VS Out of Network Plans

Man in dental chair giving thumbs up One of the most confusing things about dental insurance policies is the idea of in-network versus out of network coverage. It’s important for patients to understand what type of dental benefit plan they have. Health maintenance organization (HMO) plans do have very strict limitations on the dentists and treatments that receive coverage. However, the more common preferred provider organization (PPO) plans are designed specifically to allow patients flexibility to choose the right dental office for their needs. Even if a dentist is out of network, you will still receive coverage for a percentage of the cost of your treatments. The only difference is that, because the dentist doesn’t have an existing contract with the insurer, the prices charged for services may be higher or lower than those deemed average by the insurance provider. If the fee is higher, you will be responsible for the difference in price as well as the out of pocket percentage of your treatment cost. Luckily, this difference in pricing is typically negligible in our office, as we strive to make the cost of treatment affordable for every patient.

Maximize Your Coverage with Dental Checkups

Smiling couple holding hands Many patients are surprised to hear that the easiest way to maximize their dental insurance coverage and minimize the out of pocket costs of dental care is to visit us more often. It’s true! Regular dental checkups twice a year receive the highest percentage of insurance coverage from any benefit plan, and these biannual visits ensure any oral health concerns are discovered in the earliest stages. Whether it’s been six months or six years since you last visited a dentist, give our team a call to schedule your appointment, take few moments to explore our new patient information and forms, and get ready to change the way you think about dental care.

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